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General Faq

Is there a minimum order?
For our tall jars, mid jars and boxes you can order as many you would like or you just one item is also okay. Mini jars and or items customised especially for you, just one dozen is the minimum. For wholesale enquiries, please Get in Touch.
How much is delivery?
Delivery is calculated based on weight and volume at check out.
How many cookies can you make out of a jar?
Tall jars 30, mid jars 15, mini jars 8, box 20 Figures are approximate and will vary depending on the size you end up rolling.
Is it possible to run fundraising activities using your products?
Absolutely! Please get in touch to discuss a plan to suit your requirements.
How can I become a Bake with Faith stockist?
It’s as easy as sending a quick email to or giving us a call on 1300 880 681 or filling in our contact form via our Get in Touch page.
How much notice do you need for a fully-customised product?
We ask for six (6) weeks so that there is ample time for creation, preparation and finalisation.

Product Faq

Where are Bake with Faith products made?
All our products are made in a state of the art kitchen facility in North Geelong.
Who makes the products?
Faith personally makes all our products, being a certified chef with decades of experience in the food industry.
What's in the product?
We use all natural ingredients, without added preservatives. The dry jar mix contains high quality flour, rolled oats, brown and caster sugar, baking soda and baking powder. The doughs are made using a base recipe, containing flour, sugar and butter.
Can I eat the dough raw?
Our ready made doughs are without egg, so it's perfectly safe (and totally yummy!) to eat it raw.
What about food safety, are your products safe for me to eat?
Absolutely! Our products are made in a HACCP certified facility. HACCP is the internationally recognized standard for hygiene and food safety practices. On top of that, our products have been tested in a food laboratory to ensure they are safe to eat even after a longer period of time.
What about allergens?
All our products contain gluten. We are working very hard on gluten free options, which we hope to be able to bring to you very soon. The wet doughs also contain dairy. The Nuttilicious flavour is unsuitable for people with peanut allergy. All the allergen information is communicated clearly in our online product descriptions, so you don't accidentally order a product you can't have.